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GWP Strategic Plan

GWP Strategic Plan 2009 to 2014

Welcome from Glendale Water & Power Management

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to introduce the GWP Strategic Plan 2009-2014 and the recently updated Strategic Plan Directions Report 2011-2016. The Strategic Plan represents a total collaborative effort that involved most of GWP employees at every level within the organization, stakeholders and customer groups and is truly our pathway to a new future for both water and power customer service. Our aim is to develop and refine collaborative strategies focusing on supply, infrastructure, systems and methodologies for stabilizing rates. Integration of technology with innovative work practices and a solid legislative strategy is the key to success in achieving the goals that were born of our “key results areas” (KRAs). It will lay the foundation for initiatives such as the smart-grid, greater reliance on renewable energy, effective water and energy conservation efforts, high-tech water purification, technologically advanced generation and the significant reduction of greenhouse gas.

We are proud of the selfless GWP team that worked tirelessly to assemble a true forward-looking plan that will be measurable, manageable, durable and will withstand the vagaries of an industry in which we are dedicated to. We are committed to work the plan and report its progress to you, our stakeholders, on a regular basis. And, when course corrections are required, they will be made. We look forward to continuing to work to bring this plan to fruition so that we can sincerely say that we are Glendale’s “trusted community utility”.


Glendale Water & Power Management

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